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We are Buying!! Bring us your unwanted Comics, Graphic Novels and Video Games!

The next HUGE Manga/Anime and Video Game Sale will be on Saturday November 26th! 10am to 3pm

This will be our early Boxing Day Sale! ALL Manga will be $5 each! WoW! ALL Anime will be 40% off! WhaT?! ALL Japanese Plushies will be on Sale!

The next HUGE Comic/Graphics and Video Game Sale will be on Saturday December 17th! 10am to 3pm

Boxing Day Sale! ALL our collector’s comics will be $1.00 each! It costs us   $.20 to bag and board them!  ALL Key Issue Comics are 20% to 50% off! WoW!     ALL Graphic Novels (except DC) are 3 for $25!What! ALL Hardcovers and DC/Vertigo graphics are $10 each!

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